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Interesting Facts About Buying Adjustable Foundation Beds


Adjustable foundation beds are not just for clinical settings anymore. It used to be that adjustable beds were found only in a hospital or on tv. However, today there are several large mattress companies and manufacturers which now produce adjustable foundation beds. Probably the most well known adjustable foundation bed company is Craftmatic adjustable beds.


Craftmatic adjustable bed company has been making beds for almost three decades. They are the best selling company and have sold close to a million beds all over the world.


Once of the best parts of adjustable foundation beds from Craftmatic is that they are usually heated and come with a massage option. This, of course, is great for people who want to increase their circulation, relief from swollen legs, just general aches and pains. Sleep Comfort also makes adjustable foundation beds. They have two basic models.


Sleep Comfort adjustable foundation beds are a good options because they come in a ton of different sizes and styles. You are probably familiar with a number of Sleep Comfort beds including dual firm coil, pillowtop, and memory foam. This styles can also be found in the adjustable beds they sell.


Another great company to buy adjustable foundation beds from is Sealy. Sealy happens to be the most popular mattress company in this hemisphere. They offer a couple of different types of adjustable foundation beds however Sealy is a bit pricer than other options.

Regardless of what you have to spend you may want to consider adjustable foundation beds for a better night's sleep and a more vibrant tomorrow. (Select Comfort Beds Adjustable Mattresses)

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